Adult Day Health Services

Adult Day Health & Alzheimer’s Day Health Centers

Is your loved one...

Adult day health care is a structured program of health and supportive services designed to meet the individual needs of adults who need medical monitoring, supervision, personal assistance and socialization. Participants attend our centers on a planned basis to receive the care they need. Some attend our programs for years, while others may attend for short-term support while transitioning back to their homes from hospitals or rehabs.

Filling a critical role in healthcare

Adult day health care provides much-needed respite for caregivers who get relief from their caregiving responsibilities knowing that their loved ones are safe and well cared for. Our comprehensive day programs deliver nursing care, activities, nutrition, social services, direct care assistance with activities of daily living, and roundtrip transportation.

Our services are designed for those who want to live independently in the community but have a health condition which needs regular monitoring. This is particularly true at our Everett center and Wakefield centers which care for individuals with a wide range of both physical and mental health diagnoses. For more than 35 years our Medford center has specialized in caring for those with memory loss from mild memory loss to later stages of Alzheimer’s.

The Community Family is filling a critical role in healthcare by providing high-quality, yet affordable, long-term care services in a community setting. The cost of our adult day health services is significantly less than the cost for nursing home care, assisted living or in-home care. Even more importantly participants and families give us the highest rankings on satisfaction surveys.

The most cost-efficient way to provide high quality long-term care

TCF is providing important services to some of the most vulnerable adults living in our communities. Without our expert care, many of our participants would be without the medical monitoring and social supports they need. Our services are vital in preventing individuals and families from falling through the cracks of the healthcare system and going without the care they need and deserve.

As the most cost-efficient way to provide high quality long-term care, adult day health is the best investment that society can make to ensure that elders and adults with disabilities will have future access to long-term care services.

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